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Chocolate Diamonds

Brown diamonds also know as the cognac and chocolate diamonds are quickly becoming the latest trend in jewelry. The meaning of the chocolate diamond has to do with the desire of something rich, daring and even a little bit forbidden. We

here at Serli & Siroan have seen the demand for these precious diamonds skyrocket. Women are wanting something different

when it comes to engagement rings, and fine jewelry and the chocolate diamond has that appeal. The more saturated the

color giving it that cognac light brown hue the more desireable. Serli & Siroan displays a selection of fancy brown diamond

rings as well as fashionable statement pieces like earrings and cocktail rings using brown diamonds. There is a large inventory of loose chocolate diamonds to choose from to custom make that special engagement ring and the one showcased above is a magnificent halo design pear shape chocolate diamond fashioned with sparkling near colorless diamonds in white gold.

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