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As a distinguished jewelry store in Toronto, we take pleasure in providing an exceptional assortment of engagement rings that encapsulate the spirit of romance. We are among the few Toronto engagement ring retailers still employing knowledgeable designers and artisans. Our designers collaborate with you throughout the process, from initial concept to final product selection.

Explore our carefully curated collection of engagement rings in Toronto, each created to represent the refinement and uniqueness of your love. For those looking for a genuinely personal touch, our custom engagement rings in Toronto enable you to bring your vision to life, culminating in a one-of-a-kind symbol of your commitment.

Crafted for Forever: Premier Jewelry Shop Toronto

Explore the epitome of elegance and artistry at our prestigious jewelry store in Toronto. Enter an opulent world where passion and sophistication collide, with every piece telling a tale of admiration and love. Our meticulously curated selection features a stunning assortment of engagement rings in Toronto, each expertly created to represent everlasting commitment.

Exclusively carrying over 17,000 different GL and GIA-certified diamonds, we have a wide range of options to fit any taste or inclination. Enrich your love story with our distinctive Toronto engagement rings, where each band represents your special relationship.


What Our Client Say About Us


I recently bought my engagement ring from Serli & Siroan, and it was an incredible experience. Daniel and his Mom were warm and professional, helping me find the perfect ring from their exceptional selection. The quality of the ring is unmatched, and I couldn’t be happier. If you’re looking for the perfect ring with exceptional service, look no further. Highly recommended!


Could not be happier! Serli and Siroan is a family run business that treats you like family. Daniel and his mom helped my fiance and I design the most perfect ring for our taste from start to finish. They listened to us and guided us, without being forceful. It was such an enjoyable experience. Above all they respected our time-line and had the ring ready when needed it. We would recommend them for all your engagement ring needs.

Handcrafted Engagement Ring Stores in Toronto

You have to look no further than Serli & Siroan for high quality, customized, and handcrafted wedding and engagement rings in Toronto. We have been creating original, custom and unique pieces of jewelry since 1979 including:

At Serli & Siroan, we offer the most one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and custom engagement rings in Toronto and the GTA for our customers.

Engagement Rings Store in Toronto

Shopping for Toronto Engagement Rings

You do not have to make finding the perfect engagement ring for your special loved one an overwhelming or difficult process. Here at Serli & Siroan, we warmly welcome you into our store and help make sense understanding the differences between diamond colour, quality, cut, and carat. Our goal is to cater to your every need in a relaxing and comfortable environment, without any pressure, to help you make the most appropriate engagement ring and jewelry selections that best suits your needs from crafted in our jewelry store toronto.

Our Toronto engagement ring store provide a complimentary consultation service which provides the following benefits:

  • Educates customers about the difference in diamonds.
  • Educates customers on the methods used to certify diamonds.
  • Discuss various engagement ring designs with our Toronto engagement ring designers.
  • Answer all of the customer’s questions and provide other useful information.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff carefully explain variations between metal choices, setting options, and more, as well as make their recommendations based upon your input and preferences.

Serli & Siroan exclusively carries over 17,000 different GL and GIA certified diamonds. We also include an original appraisal, conducted here at our engagement ring store in Toronto. Further, we never source conflict diamonds by adhering to the Kimberly Process. All of our diamonds are sourced from reputable and legitimate suppliers.

Handcrafting Process at Our Engagement Ring Store in Toronto

Creating one-of-a-kind engagement rings in Toronto starts with your input and vision. We are one of the few Toronto engagement ring stores which still uses skilled engagement ring designers and craftsmen. Our designers work alongside you throughout the entire process right through the final selection. We also only use the finest materials to handmade and craft your finished piece. Before any work is started, you are given a conceptualization of what your finished piece will look like and have the opportunity to review it.

Our Toronto engagement ring store’s craftsmen have also satisfied numerous customer with restoring heirloom pieces to their original conditions. To ensure your family heirloom is returned its pristine condition, we offer solutions for replacing missing gem stones and diamonds, resizing, repairs, and more.

Another option we are pleased to offer our customers and their older jewelry pieces is to transform the existing piece into an entirely new and original piece. This is a detailed process where we remove gem stones and diamonds from the setting. Next, we can reform the original band into a new design or create an entirely different band using other metals. Finally, the stones are placed into the new setting. Our craftsmen are there with you throughout the transformation processes to ensure it meets your approval.

We invite you to contact Serli & Siroan today at 416-944-3863 for more information about our customization services and wide selections of wedding rings, jewelry pieces, and engagement rings in Toronto. We look forward to working with you and helping you discover our stunning pieces of jewelry, wedding rings, and engagement rings for your loved one!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of engagement rings in Toronto can vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of metal, the quality and size of the diamonds or other gemstones, and the overall design of the ring. The average price of an engagement ring is around $3000. It is best to set a budget and shop around to find a ring that meets your needs and budget.

An engagement ring is a representation of love and commitment between a couple, and the cost of the ring can vary greatly depending on personal preferences and the type of ring chosen. At Serli, we understand that what is most important is finding a ring that represents the couple’s love and commitment to each other, and we are here to assist you in that process.

It is possible to get an engagement ring for $2,000, although the options available will depend on factors such as the type of metal, the quality and size of the diamonds and the overall design of the ring. It may be possible to find a high-quality ring diamond ring in Toronto within this budget, although it may have smaller diamonds or be made of a less expensive metal such as white gold or platinum. Alternatively, you may be able to find a ring with a larger or higher-quality diamond if you are willing to compromise on other factors, such as the metal or overall design of the ring.

The cost of a decent diamond ring can vary significantly depending on the quality and size of the diamond, as well as the type of metal used in the setting and the overall design of the ring. In general, diamond rings in Toronto can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars or more. Diamonds are typically graded based on the “Four Cs” of diamond quality: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Diamonds with higher grades in these categories will generally be more expensive than those with lower grades.

The pricing of the rings at Serli and Siroan can vary depending on the type of diamond and the style of the ring. The cost of a diamond is typically determined by its size, quality, and rarity, with larger and higher quality diamonds being more expensive. Additionally, the style and design of the ring can also impact the price, with more intricate or unique designs requiring more time and resources to create. Ultimately, the cost of a ring will depend on the specific preferences and budget of the individual or couple purchasing it. At Serli and Siroan, we strive to offer a range of options at various price points to suit different budgets and preferences.

When buying a diamond, the “Four Cs” of diamond quality are the most important factors to consider: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. The carat weight of a diamond refers to its size, with larger diamonds generally being more expensive. The cut of a diamond refers to its proportions, symmetry, and finish, and can affect the diamond’s overall appearance and sparkle. The color of a diamond is graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown), with diamonds at the higher end of the scale being more valuable. The clarity of a diamond refers to the presence and visibility of inclusions (imperfections) within the diamond, with diamonds that are clearer and have fewer inclusions generally being more valuable.

The shipping charges for an engagement ring in Toronto will depend on the specific store or retailer from which you are purchasing the ring, as well as the shipping method and destination. Some retailers may offer free or discounted shipping, while others may charge a fee for shipping. The cost of shipping may also vary depending on the size and weight of the package, as well as the distance it needs to be shipped. It is best to check with the retailer or check their website for information on their shipping policies and fees.

Serli & Siroan is a popular jewelry store located in Toronto that attracts customers from all over the world. However, the store also caters to local customers and serves the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Customers from across the GTA come to the store to browse the wide selection of jewelry pieces, as well as to receive expert advice and assistance from the store’s experienced and knowledgeable staff.

The store is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and customer service, which has earned it a reputation as a trusted and reliable source for diamond jewellery.

Engagement rings can be purchased in Toronto from a variety of retailers, including jewelry stores, department stores, and online retailers. One option for purchasing engagement rings in Toronto is Serli & Siroan. Our high-end jewelry store offers a wide selection of engagement rings. You can also purchase custom engagement rings in Toronto from us. Serli & Siroan has a reputation for offering high-quality products and excellent customer service, and their staff are trained to help customers find the perfect engagement ring to suit their style and budget. Serli & Siroan is known for being one of the best diamond stores in Toronto.

In Toronto, diamond rings can be purchased from a range of different places including online retailers, department stores, and jewellery stores. One store to consider when looking for diamond rings in Toronto is Serli & Siroan. Our high-end jewelry store has a reputation for excellent customer service and offers a wide selection of diamond rings and other fine jewelry. The staff at Serli & Siroan are trained to help customers find the perfect diamond ring to fit their budget and style. You can either visit the store in person or browse our selection of diamond rings online. Serli & Siroan is known as one of the best jewelry stores in Toronto. Our jewelry store in Toronto is definitely one of the best.

The price of wedding rings in Toronto can vary greatly based on personal and cultural factors, such as an individual’s income, the couple’s financial situation, and their personal preferences and values. In general, the average cost of wedding rings cost around $3000. The cost of a wedding ring may be influenced by factors like the material, design, and whether it includes diamonds or other gemstones. Come check out Serli & Siroan for picking up a wedding ring that best suits your needs. Serli & Siroan is known as one of the best jewellery stores in Toronto. We are everyone’s go to the jewellers in Toronto.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are considered to be different types of jewelry. An engagement ring is traditionally given by a partner to their significant other as a symbol of their intention to marry. Engagement rings can be simple or elaborate, and may or may not include diamonds. A wedding ring is a type of ring that is exchanged between partners during a wedding ceremony to symbolize their marriage and commitment to each other. Wedding rings are usually worn on the left ring finger, and are often made of metal such as gold, platinum, or white gold. Come check out our jewelry shop in Toronto and choose from a vast collection of wedding and engagement rings.

Yes, we also make custom engagement rings in Toronto. Choose from a wide range of diamonds and metals and customize your engagement ring to suit your needs. Serli & Siroan is your go to jewellery store in Toronto for all your custom jewelry needs.