Our Materials

World renowned craftsmen with over 90 hours and 10 quality checks before a piece of jewelry is finalized and presented to you. At Serli & Siroan, we take pride in crafting engagement rings of exceptional purity using only the finest gold and platinum. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of our process, including the materials we use. Our 18k gold alloy is palladium-based and nickel-free, with a higher palladium content than other rings on the market. Even after years of wear and tear, our superior alloy ensures that our 18k white gold rings maintain their stunning brilliance, without the telltale yellowing that can occur when the rhodium wears. Our engagement rings are hypoallergenic so although their brilliance may dazzle your eyes they will never cause irritation to your fingers. At Serli & Siroan, we spare no effort in ensuring that every ring we create is of the highest quality, and our use of premium materials is just one of the ways we accomplish that goal.

Honorary Craftsmanship

It takes over 90 hours to craft a Serli & Siroan engagement ring. We craft using extra checks and stages to each item for a more pronounced finish. Our engagement rings are more dense and durable and are unmatched in the market. We take an extra step in burnishing our engagement rings with six polishing steps ensuring maximum brilliance. This results in a more condensed not porous shank with a more reliable feel. Our craftsman’s knowledge and skill are passed on from generation to generation resulting in over 100 years of experience.


Our prongs are all platinum and handmade, therefore the diamonds are more secure.

Our petite prongs used for the sides and halos are individually handmade. This allows for a smoother setting that will not catch on any items.

Only a small percentage of diamonds possess the level of quality required to be used in our engagement rings. Diamonds consistent in sparkle and colour are hand chosen with a trained eye by our gemologists. This is more art than science and allows for maximum sparkle of your engagement ring. Our heritage of over 42 years stands as a promise of your engagement rings value for many years to come.

Our Pave

Serli & Siroan is a distinguished name in the jewelry industry, known for creating exquisite engagement rings of unparalleled quality. We pride ourselves on our unmatched pave settings and expert polishing techniques, which ensure that every piece we create is nothing short of exceptional. Each pave is carefully crafted by hand, with every diamond hand-set one at a time, using methods that eschew mass-produced manufacturing practices. We use a substantial amount of material when casting our rings, resulting in a more robust and long-lasting piece that can be worn with confidence every day. Our meticulous process involves five polishing stages and an additional burnishing stage, which results in a dense, sturdy ring that will stand the test of time and be cherished for a lifetime.

Our Story

Serli & Siroan history dates back to 1979 in the heart of Toronto. Our iconic brand is recognized for its signature comfort tube shank design. Engagement ring features that provide a quality feel and fit. Designed and crafted for superb balance to minimize tilting on your finger.

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