How to Determine the Correct Ring Size

When you are shopping for men’s and women’s rings, it is important to choose the right style, setting, and design to ensure the ring will be stunning. However, what many people tend to overlook, especially when they are shopping for engagement rings from an engagement ring store in Toronto, like Serli & Siroan, is determining what ring size they require.


There are several different methods you can use to help you make sure you are getting the right size for your finger or thumb. The easiest way is to use a ring sizer, which most jewelers have on hand. These are metal rings in the shape of ring bands that are numbered on the side with the ring size. Sometimes, there are no numbers on the side, but rather the jeweler will use a plastic or wooden tapered stick they slide through the sizer. On the “stick” are different ring sizes and where the sizer stops, it indicates the ring size.


It is important to try on several ring sizers and not stop with the first one you find that fits. You should try sizers at least a half size above and below the one you found and compare how these feel. Sometimes, a half size up or down feels more comfortable.


Another method, if you are trying to surprise your beloved, is to “borrow” one of their rings they wear on the “ring” finger. You can take the ring to the jeweler and they can use their sizer “stick” to determine the appropriate size. Since you are surprising your loved one, you want to make sure you get the size right. But, if you do get it wrong, most jewelers will resize the ring, normally once for no additional charge.


You could also use the string method. This is where you take a piece of string and warp it around the finger or thumb, where you would wear a ring. Next, you measure the ring and use either inches or millimeters and a conversion chart to determine your ring size. You could also take the string to your Toronto wedding ring store and have them wrap it around their sizing “stick” to get the ring size.


It is worth mentioning there are other factors you need to consider as these might result in getting an inaccurate ring size, as follows:


  • Fingers tend to get larger throughout the day so it is best to measure ring size in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Fingers on your dominant (writing) hand tend to be larger.
  • If a women is pregnant or on her menstrual cycle, she can retain water and her fingers may swell.
  • During the colder winter months, when the hands are cold, our fingers tend to shrink and be smaller.
  • During the warmer summer months, when our hands are hot, our fingers tend to be slightly bigger.
  • Steroid-based medications can cause swollen fingers.
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