Is Lifetime Service Included with Your Band?

Purchase an engagement or wedding ring from a Toronto wedding rings store is a major investment for most people. Finding the best ring to suit your needs at that particular moment is fun and exciting with the wide range of possibilities, gem stones, diamonds, and bands to choose from. One aspect of this shopping experience many people tend to overlook is what service is included with their investment.


When shopping for engagement or wedding rings, or rings for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, you need to find out what you can expect from the wedding rings store in Toronto after the sale. Prior to making your purchase take the time to ask the jeweler the following questions:


  • Is the setting fee included with the purchase price? Some people desire to choose their own gemstones and diamonds from loose ones the jeweler has available and then select the band they want the stones set into. Custom ring creation allows you to create one-of-a-kind rings, but sometimes there are additional fees. Make sure you understand what is and is not included with the costs of the loose gemstones, diamonds and the band you selected.
  • Is resizing included with the initial purchase? Some rings will need to be resized for the proper fit. If you happen to find the perfect ring that jeweler has already crafted, more than likely the band will need to be resized, as everyone’s fingers are different.
  • Does the jeweler offer a trade-in/trade-up program? Some jewels will provide this special type of service if you made your original ring purchase from them. It is where you are allowed to trade-in your existing ring and upgrade to a new ring with a larger diamond or larger gemstones, which you were not able to afford when you made your initial ring purchase.
  • What lifetime services are included with the purchase? Services range from cleanings to keep the ring looking as beautiful as it did on the day you purchased it, to offering other types of services, like free resizing services for the original owner for life.
By taking the time to ask these questions, before making your investment into a high quality engagement or wedding ring, you will continue to be satisfied long after the initial purchase.


Here at Serli and Siroan, our goal is to create, design, and craft rings to last a lifetime. We our fully committed to our customers and offer free lifetime resizing of any band, for its original owner. We are one of the only jewelry stores in Toronto and the GTA to offer complimentary lifetime resizing services.


Each of our bands has a unique ID number. This ID number tells us exactly when we made that ring, as well as when and who purchased it. This ID number identifies the band and lets us know that it is an original Serli and Siroan designed ring.


We understand ring sizes change as people age, lose and gain weight, and go through other life changes. For instance, as we get older, and have been married for several years, it is not uncommon for people to put on some extra weight. There are also certain medical conditions, like arthritis, that can cause changes in the size and shape of our fingers.


Rather than having to stop wearing your engagement and wedding ring, or other Serli and Siroan ring, simply stop on by and we will gladly resize it for you for no charge. To learn more about this special lifetime service or for assistance in selecting the perfect ring, please feel free to contact us today at 416-944-3863.


Please note: The lifetime resizing services are only for the company’s Eternity Bands, a precision set brand, consisting of custom set diamonds and bands that are all the way around the precision set.