Popular Engagement Ring Design Trends For 2019

Have you and your better half been thinking about taking the next big step together? Maybe the both of you are excited about spending your life together as a married couple. As you begin to plan your future, you are always filled with exciting thoughts and eager anticipation about the next adventure that comes along.

Popular Engagement Rings Design


One of the first steps towards your happily ever after is choosing the perfect engagement ring. This is one piece of modern jewelry that ties together emotions, sentiments and the happiness that both of you will share. However, it can also be an intimidating process, especially if you don’t know what to expect and whether your significant other is going to like your choice. Shopping for engagement rings should be a rewarding experience that both of you can look back and cherish. You don’t have to spoil that wonderful experience getting confused about what other people say, especially the jewelers. Why not do a little research before scouting for the perfect ring? To help you get started on the right footing, we have put together a list of the latest engagement ring design trends, the kind of precious metals for the bands and the gem styles that are popular today.


Styles of Bands


The band is the section of the engagement ring that goes around your finger. This may seem like a standard piece that does not provide a lot of varieties, but there is a wide range of styles and precious metal options to choose from. The most common metals that are popular today are Gold and Platinum.


  • Gold – It is the favorite choice for engagement rings and usually comes in three different colors of yellow, white and rose.
  • Platinum – It has the same appearance of white gold, but it’s relatively stronger, more durable and lasts longer.
After you’ve chosen the precious metal for your band, there’s the ornamentation to consider. Most choose all-metal bands with no decoration. Some popular styles include having the band inlaid with a number of gems, tiny metal bead work along the edges, adorned with intricate carvings, or putting a fun spin with a split shank in which the band splits towards the center stone.


Styles of Settings


The setting is the section of the ring that holds the center stone in place. It is positioned on top of the finger and rests on the band. Since it holds the heart of the ring, which is the stone, you can make it more appealing and decorative by adding some ornamentation to it.


The most popular styles of settings for engagement ring include:


  • Prong – It features a set of claws forming a basket-like shape to hold the stone firmly in place. The arrangement can be a set of four, six or number of patterns and prongs.
  • Cathedral – Also called a contour setting, it features gradients of metal that lightly rise up on either side of the center stone to hold it in place.
  • Channel – It features a band of diamonds, where the band of metal runs down each side of the row of diamonds. The outside metal protects the stones and holds them in place without separating the individual gems.
  • Bezel – It features the band of metal that entirely surrounds and secures the center stone in place.
  • Bar Channel – It works similar to the channel setting, except that it has extra bars between the individual stones to hold them more securely in place.
  • Pavé – It features tiny prongs or metals bands to give the illusion that the shank is covered with stones.
Gem Styles


What does your rings’ diamond shape say about both of you as a couple? The traditional round shape can seem to sparkle, in your eyes. But, there are so many variants that have made their style statements on a lot of celebrity fingers. Here are the most popular trends for this year:


  • Fancy-Shaped Diamonds – Pear, Oval, Heart, Princess, Cushion, and Emerald cut diamonds have been popular among celebrities like Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively, Megan Markle, Lady Gaga and Kate Bosworth.
  • Contemporary Three-Stone Rings – This design features a center gem accentuated by two gemstones on either side, which is said to represent the couple’s past, present and future. This year, the style has been upgraded with diamonds of a fancy shape and unique accent gemstones with elegant bands.
  • Stacked and Nested Rings – This design features well-curated multiple bands that portray a “stacked” look.
  • Yellow Gold – This band color is officially on the rise with its lustrous metal work that features both colorful gemstones and diamonds. It complements every type of setting like vintage, classic and modern.
  • Distinctive Halos – This design features a circle of smaller stones surrounding the center stone, creating a halo effect. It tends to make the center diamond appear larger than usual.
  • Solitaire – This traditional, elegant design is still loved by all as it draws attention to the one single diamond that sits alone on the ring.
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