Choosing an Engagement Ring

When you are looking for the best engagement ring for your special someone, you will want to take several things into consideration. The first thing is how much you plan to spend on the engagement ring, as well as how much you can afford. Second, you will want to get an engagement ring that will make your partner smile for years to come. Third, getting the stone your partner likes best may be better than a traditional diamond. Finally, present your partner with the engagement ring of their dreams.
The Cost of the Engagement Ring
If you are a die-hard traditionalist you may think the engagement ring Toronto should cost equal to a few months of your salary. Most people today think this is too much or simply a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a ring. There are several ways you can work around this.
One of the easiest ways is to save up before you purchase the engagement ring. You can do this over the course of a year or more depending upon how much you plan on spending. Some other ways to reduce the cost include:
  • Select Wider Cuts – Wider cuts makes smaller stones appear larger.
  • Use a Family Heirloom – Family heirlooms can be modernized and updated to reflect the current tastes of your loved one.
  • Choose a Slight Smaller Cut – A 1.9 karat stone is slightly smaller than a 2 karat stone. However, most people will not notice the difference and it can save you about 20% or more.
Look Through Your Partner’s Current Jewelry
To help you choose the engagement ring that is their style, looking at their current jewelry can help you a lot. This will provide you with the style your partner likes as well as the type of stones they are more drawn to. Looking at the bands they wear most often is key to choosing the right band for their engagement ring. You can even discover their ring size without drawing too much suspicion to yourself.
The Perfect Stone for Your Partner
While you are looking through your partner’s jewelry, you may find they prefer other stones instead of traditional diamonds. Many people still prefer a traditional diamond for their engagement ring. However, you may find your partner would rather have a sapphire, an emerald, or even an opal. You may want to get help from your partner’s friends and family to help narrow down your selections and choose the perfect ring.
The biggest thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring is your partner. Help is available from the experts, here at Serli and Siroan. You will find our staff is always willing to lend a hand in helping you make the best decisions and choose the best ring for your loved one. Contact us at 416-944-3863 for further assistance and help finding or designing the perfect ring for your partner.