Which Finger Should I Wear My Engagement Ring On: Everything You Should Know

When it comes to rings, there are a lot of preset notions and ideologies that have been around for ages. Considering all the traditions and superstitions that surround which finger is ideal for a certain type of ring, it’s easy to get confused. In this article, we will be thoroughly discussing engagement rings and will also uncover some facts about them. With our committed approach towards designing an eternal symbol of love that can forever represent the bond between you and your partner, we at Serli and Siroan have been helping couples find the engagement ring of their dreams for decades. The welcoming aura of our store combined with our dedication towards customer satisfaction has allowed us to maintain high standards in the jewelry designing industry.

The idea and the way of wearing engagement rings have remained fairly consistent over time but with the recent modernization of everything around us, we are rethinking all our traditional ways. But the good news is, the tradition of wearing engagement rings is untouched by the ongoing modernization.

In most countries, an engagement ring is still worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. The tradition can be traced back to the ancient Romans who believe that the vein in this finger runs directly to the heart. This vein is called the Vena Amoris which is now more commonly known as the vein of love.
As we all consider our heart to be the center of all our emotions, it made perfect sense to wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger of our left hand. However, you will be surprised to know that it is not a global tradition to wear your engagement ring on the left hand. In countries like Germany, Russia, and Norway, engagement rings are worn on the right hand. It is a popular belief in these countries that “left” means “sinister” in Latin therefore wearing your symbol of love on the left hand is considered unlucky.

There are also other traditions regarding the engagement ring that are followed around the world, like in Sweden and Chile, to-be-grooms also receive an engagement ring apart from the women, and commonly in Chile, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand before marriage and later switched to the left hand after the wedding ceremony.

Now that you are familiar with the traditions regarding engagement rings around the world, we would like to answer the most common FAQ asked about ring fingers.

The Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring should be Placed in What Order on the Ring Finger?

If you are willing to wear both the diamond engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger then you might have questions about stacking. Conventionally, married folks prefer wearing their wedding bands first as it is considered closest to their heart.
However, it is also a common belief that in order to honor the wedding day, one must switch the engagement ring to the right hand, right before they walk down the aisle so that your partner can conveniently place the wedding band on your ring finger. Later you can top the ring finger with the engagement ring.
To appear more pragmatic, some brides also prefer having both the rings soldered together into a unified piece so that they can enjoy both the rings together conveniently while introducing a new metaphor for a “marital bond”.

Can Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings be worn on Different Hands?

Of course. It is a traditional call to wear a ring that represents the bond between you on the ring finger but when it comes down to personal or cultural preferences you can opt for different ways as well. Also, there are a lot of women out there who prefer to wear their engagement ring on the right hand and wedding ring on the left. So it is really about choices.
Is it Okay to Wear Wedding or Engagement Rings all the Time?

We can understand the temptation of wearing the rings all the time but it also comes with a risk of damage. In order to avoid the potential damage to the rings such as scratching, disfiguring, and harm to the stone, it is recommended to remove them while doing activities such as cleaning, especially when chemicals are involved, working out, or participating in other physical activities. Sometimes it can also get inconvenient for you to wear them all the time as they can scratch your skin or can cause swelling.
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