Do Men Wear Engagement Rings: What You Should Know

Typically when we speak of engagement rings we automatically picture a silver ring with a shining diamond placed on a finger worn usually by women. In movies, books, and stories we have seen men going down on one knee and proposing to their partner with a diamond ring.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings: What You Should Know

We have witnessed over the years the idea of engagement rings surrounding women, but what about men? There’s certainly a lack of mention about men and their engagement rings but to what extent is it true? At some point or the other, it makes us wonder if men even wear engagement rings, or is it just something that is only offered to women?


Even after examining history, you will find that engagement rings have always been more about women than men. However, with changing times, engagement rings have also become a popular concept among men who enjoy wearing as well as receiving them. Today, after things have dramatically changed over the years, we can see men enjoying them as much as women. Whether it is an ordinary man or a celebrity, engagement rings are preferred by everyone.


After witnessing the increasing popularity of engagement rings among men, designers are also making an effort to customize their designs to suit the choices of men. Serli and Siroan is happy to customize rings for their customers based on their personal design preferences.


History About Men and Engagement Rings


Initially, engagement rings were given as a token of love to symbolize the ownership of a woman. But as we progress in today’s time, the engagement rings stand to represent the free will of a woman to marry her partner. They are often gifted by men to symbolize the love and commitment he feels for his partner.


The tradition of men wearing engagement rings dates back to 1926 when it was latest in the trend. It was officially considered a thing when an ad company, L. Bamberger and Co. introduced the idea of engagement rings for men in one of its ads in East Coast newspapers. However, at the time the men were not instantly impressed with the idea as they always perceived rings as a female accessory.


Later on, it became a personal preference for men to wear engagement rings as it was noticed that the majority of them do not enjoy the idea of wearing them.


Engagement Rings for Men- Trends or Tradition


With the changing stereotypical perceptions among men regarding engagement rings, the significance and idea behind wearing rings are becoming increasingly popular among men. Today men prefer to wear their engagement rings for different reasons, for them it is more of a personal choice than a tradition. But with more and more men using them as their symbol of commitment it is undoubtedly becoming a growing trend.


With celebrities such as Michael Buble and Ed Sheeran wearing engagement rings, it has definitely created a spark in the industry. As Ed best puts it, “For me, marriage is a partnership where both sides take on equal roles and responsibilities — including wearing engagement rings”.


Variety of Engagement Rings for Men


As the leading engagement ring makers in Canada, we at Serli and Siroan try to make our brand as inclusive as possible. Our efforts ensure that people from all walks of life can find the ring of their dreams that they can cherish for the rest of their life. Our collection also exclusively store some of the best designs for men that they can comfortably wear as a symbol of love or even as a fashion statement to charm their lady love.


After considering the fashion choices of men, we offer rings of the following kinds:
  • Mono-color rings that are made from a wide range of metals.
  • Rings with a single stone, such as diamond, emerald, ruby, etc.
  • Rings with multiple stones.
  • Signet with or without engraving.
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