Fancy Yellow Diamond Rings

There is no doubt natural fancy color diamonds are making the news both in the auctions and on the hands of celebrities in Canada and the U.S. Since the surprise engagement of Nikki Minaj boasting a marvelous pear shaped yellow diamond engagement ring and the likes of Kelley Clarkson, and Heidi Klum all setting the trend for an increase demand for these fancy canary diamonds. Trending online and publised in magazines nationwide these rare diamonds can come with the exclusivity of having something no one can easily match. The rarity of certain diamonds like pinks, blues and greens give the buyer a sense of security knowing copy cats are very difficult to come by and they tend to keep their values. Serli & Siroan has a large selection of yellow diamond rings as well as multi color diamond bands on display. A great deal of knoweldge is required to assess these diamonds and our gemmologists on site can assist in choosing the right diamond and a design that will truly make it breathtaking. We currently list some of our fancy colors on our new diamond search online however the rarity and increasing demand for these diamonds are constantly making it harder to source. Below is the new cushion yellow diamond double halo engagement ring currenlty on display at Serli & Siroan Jewelry.