Morganite: A Non-traditional Gemstone for a Beautiful Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring is often considered one of the most important decisions you will make and greatly helps influence how you will propose to your loved one. Even with the best planning and preparations, from scheduling a romantic dinner at her favourite restaurant or whisking her off to an exotic tropical beach in the Caribbean, it will not mean much if you do not present her with the right ring. Her disappointment will quickly be evident in her facial expression when you make your proposal.


Choosing the right ring starts by understanding what styles and tastes best fits her personality. If you loved one likes more classic and traditional styles, then finding the best ring is much easier. On the other hand, if your loved one is non-traditional, then she is probably not going to be satisfied or happy with a diamond engagement ring, which makes finding the right ring more difficult.


Fortunately, for you, if your loved one is more unconventional, with her own unique and original sense of style, there are a wide array of gemstones in a variety of colours to choose from, like morganite. Morganite is in the Beryl gemstone family. It was named after famous banker and financial supporter of the arts and sciences, as well avid collector of gemstones, J. P. Morgan.


Morganite is considered the “rose” of gemstones. The colour of morganite is determined by how much manganese is present in the gemstone. Its colours ranges from a very light pink to a darker, yet soft, violet shade with pinkish undertones. Since morganite offers such a diverse range of colours in its spectrum, there are shades available to complement your loved ones personality and tastes, as well as her skin tone.


The Value of Morganite


We probably can guess what you are thinking, “I have never even heard of morganite before, so it must not be that valuable.” However, your thinking would be wrong. Morganite is a rather hardy, durable, and tough gemstone, and is rated between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale, which rates diamonds at 10. In addition, morganite has a wonderful luster, clarity, and brilliance, not always found in other gemstones or even certain diamonds. Morganite is a high quality gemstone with a superior finish, designed to last a lifetime in the right setting.


What makes morganite even more desirable is there is a limited amount of this gemstone. As the popularity of morganite continues to increase, there will be increased demand and less available supplies of it. If you remember back to your economics courses, you know that when supply outpaces demand it causes prices to increase, which will cause the value of the morganite engagement ring you selected for your loved one to increase, too.


What Types of Settings Can Be Used with Morganite?


Morganite can be incorporated into a variety of settings. Some people prefer using rose gold for the setting because it enhances the appearance of the gemstone. Other people choose a claw setting for the morganite and then accessorize it by adding a few small diamonds or other gemstones on the sides. Another option is an oval morganite gemstone surrounded by small diamonds or other precious gemstones.


When selecting a setting for an engagement ring, just remember to choose the setting that best showcases the morganite gemstone you choose and complements the other aspects you incorporate into the design of the ring.


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